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Cheating and the Generational Divide

This is an article published in November 2010 by Dan Berrett. It discusses how different generations define cheating.

Cheating and the Generational Divide


All Things Proprietary

Good Morning Presidents and Faculty!

This blog is to become a foundry of information on topics that relate to post-secondary and proprietary education. I was in proprietary education for over 11 years. I know the busy schedules you lead. I also know that having the luxury of keeping up on the news that affects our field is almost non-exsistant for most of you.

I want to use this space to post articles and interested topics of information that everyone will find useful. This blog is also to be a place to keep everyone informed on the happenings from the Proprietary Board that affect you. I hope that you will all subscbribe to this blog and periodically takes some time to read the posts and information contained.

Kim Verneuille

Director of Proprietary Schools