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Another Proprietary School Accused of Misconduct

A Texas-based school, American Commercial College has been accused of misconduct in regard to federal aid. The U.S. Department of Justice has now joined the suit claiming serious misconduct on the part of the school’s administration of federal aid.

Read More: U.S Joins Lawsuit That accuses College of Scheming to Conceal Violations of 90/10 Rule By Goldie Blumenstyk


Presidential Candidates and Academia

With the upcoming Presidential Election, I just have to post the following article of what is being said about academics. I always felt that everyone deserved the right to go to college, whether it is a career school or traditional university. Not everyone is cut out for a college degree, but everyone can do something and that is why we are here.

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Proprietary and Commmunity College Working Together

Today the University of Phoenix announced a partnership with Maricopa Community College to work together in promoting higher education. The two colleges have an agreement to transfer credits for students to achieve higher degrees.

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Harkin Press Release

Senator Harkin has published a Press Release in regard to Military Funds and For-Profits.

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Money, Politics & The Rise of For-Profit Education

A study found that as the high demand for higher education continues, many colleges still struggle to meet these demands thus showing that For-Profits will fill that gap in what the author calls “The Brazilian Effect.”

Read more: Money, Politics, and the Rise of For-Profits Higher Education in the US by John Aubrey Douglass

Degreeless in Debt

A study “Borrowers Who DropOut” was completed in 2005. A summary of the results is in an article “Degreeless in Debt”. The summary discusses the increasing numbers of students that have dropped out of college and facing large debts. The summary discusses both for-profit and traditional school student’s debt issues.

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Senate Committee Still Reviewing For-Profits and Military

The US Senate has surveyed four of the top for-profits and their relation to military students. The panel found that the schools are spending more on marketing and recruitment than the education of the students.

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Study on the Earnings with For-Profit Students

A group from Harvard completed a study reviewing the earnings of for-profit graduates and those on community colleges and other 2-year non profits. The study shows both the advantages and weaknesses of for-profit and public institutions. The study states that non-profit graduate earn less than others. However, it also shows that a higher percentage increased on graduates from before the degree to after they moved into their fields with the degree. This seems to be a well-balanced study.

To Read More: The For-Profits Post-Secondary School Sector: Nimble Critters or Agile Predators by David Denning, Claudia Goldin, & Lawrence Katz

California is Going After For-Profits

The State of California is moving forward in legislative areas to crackdown on state funds received by for-profits institutions. With the increased in the funds on state grants, for-profits are under scrutiny.

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Another Bill on Gainful Employment

Senators Roy Wyden and Duncan Hunter have introduced a new bill, Student Right to Know Before You Go Act. This bill would ultimately create a national database of transparency for information on measures of success in higher education programs. The bill does not include any new regulations on schools or programs offered, only a comparison of the data.

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