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Survey on the Economic Benefit of Post-Secondary Education

State Higher Education State Officers Association (SHEEO) has released the Economic Benefit of Postsecondary Degrees: A State and National Level Analysis.  This report adds to the dialogue about the value of a college degree in three important ways. First, on a national level it examines trends in degree production in terms of the median income associated with different degrees. Second, this report provides state-level data on the wage premiums associated with degree attainment across seven broad discipline categories, in effect, taking the national-level analyses down to the state level. Finally, the report provides degree production data from 2010 and the five-year growth from 2005 for each of the seven discipline categories allowing states to compare improvements in degree production to those fields that lead to higher incomes for graduates.

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Wisconsin Looking Into Student Outcomes as a Standard to Operate

The state agency in Wisconsin that oversees for-profit institutions is starting to look into requiring for-profit institutions and distance learning institutions to meet standards of student outcomes to be allowed to operate in the state or teach Wisconsin residents.

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Seeing Enrollment Improving

One for-profit is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Could other struggling for-profits learn a lesson from the struggles of another?

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An Established Technology Finding a New Use in Education

While videoconferencing has been around for many years, it has not been widely used in higher education since the onset of modern distance education. However, several institutions have begun using this technology in higher education and showing great success.

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A New Venture into Affordable Textbooks

OpenStax College, out of Rice university, is trying its hand at providing free to affordable e-textbooks for iPad. Access to their e-book is free and the service offers additional material at very reasonable cost to students to help in their classwork. While the publisher has only a couple of books out so far, they plan to continue expanding with the funds they have to eight books soon.

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