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Revised Version on Study Shows No Significant Difference

The revised and possibly final version of a study by two professors from Boston University on wage differences between not-for-profit and for-profit institutions has been recently re-released. Last year, a “working” version of the study was released that put a bad light on the for-profit industry stating significant differences in the viability of the for-profit credentials. This latest version states the authors found no significant differences in the wages between the two industries. But the study does cast a bad light on the return on investment for students.

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Here is a link to the actual study: The Wage Effects of Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Certifications: Better Data, Somewhat Different Results by Kevin Lang and Russell Weinsteiny

Settlement in a New Twist on Minority Bias

Chester Career College has settled a lawsuit claim for minority bias. The school was accused to targeting low income African-Americans students and leaving them with non-viable credentials.

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More Discussion by Sub-Committee on Veterans

This time the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee accused for-profits of aggressively recruiting veterans in an attempt to obtain federal funds not counted in the “90/10” rule.

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Feds to Renew Interest in Rule Making Legislation

More on the new bill being proposed to by the House to limited rule making authority. Although, it is not likely to pass the Democrat controlled Senate, House Representatives has introduced a bill, set for a vote, on limiting the authority of the US. Department of Education’s ability to develop new regulations that affect post-secondary institutions, mainly in the for profit sector.

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‘Next Generation’Grant Available to For-Profits

The ‘Next Generation’Grant created by the Gates Foundation allows for-profits to apply. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation granted over $34 million to Educause for the Next Generation Learning Challenge in 2011. This grant has no award funds to for-profits as well as non-profits over the last two years. A Foundation spokesperson has stated,  “we believe innovation is happening in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Both are necessary.”


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