Monthly Archives: November 2011

GI Bill Dollars Flow to For-Profit Colleges

This is an interesting article disucssing the amount of GI Funds going to For-Profit schools and possible legislation coming down to control it.

GI Bill Dollars Flow to For-Profit Colleges by Paul Bradley


GAO Take Another Crack

The U.S. Government Accountabilty Office has completed there “secert shopper” investigation on For-Profits. This article discusses the findings and affects on the industry.

GAO Takes Another Crack by Paul Fain

Pros and Cons of For-Profits

This is an excellent article on the importance of for-profit schools in post secondary education and meeting the demands of the Obama Adminstration.

Pros and Cons of For-Profits by Doug Lederman

Online Programs Face New Demands From Accreditors

This a great article on the possible changes that could be coming in the next year from the federal government and accrediting agencies to for-profit online programs.

Online Programs Face New Demands from Accreditors by Eric Kelderman

The Future of For-Profits

Here is a good blog comment on For-Profit Education and a suggestion for future growth.

Future of For-Profits By Dean Dad

Online Education Growth

Every two years Babson Research puts out a survey. This survey shows the growth and challenges facing the online education. This article is just a summary on the growth of online and the persistent doubts of educators about the quality of online learning. The article does go on to discus Open Resources popularity as well.

Online Grows; Doubt Persist by Steve Kolowich