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Senate officials acknowledge error that inflated GI Bill money to for-profit schools

Here is a well written article on another mistake made on calculating the funds recieved by For-Profits in the Stars & Stripes.


Here is the link: Senate officials acknowledge error that inflated GI Bill money to for-profit schools by Leo Shane III


Measureable Student Outcomes

Soon the Federal Government is going to come to a consensus of what they expect from the Proprietary Industry on measuring student outcomes. Many schools already review this data internally. It looks as though soon, it will have to be public knowledge. Below is an article on the possible outcomes and suggestions for schools to get ahead of the regulation.

Riding the Regulatory Wave by Paul Fain

Lobbying and For-Profits

Eric Lichtblau, of the New York Times, has written an article on the lobbying that has taken place in regard to the New FEderal Rules facing For-Profit schools.

Here is the link: With Lobbying Blitz, For-Profit Colleges Diluted New Rules by Eric Lichtblau

Questions of Quality in For-Profits

Here is an article that is not very flattering to for profit schools. However, there is in the article a link to the orginial paper. The paper has some interesting information in it.

Questions of Quality by Paul Fain