Monthly Archives: April 2012

Another Senate Bill Trying to Attack the Propriteary Industry

Senator Harkin is at again. This time he is trying to limit the funds used on marketing with a new bill.

Read More: Senate Bill Would Bar Colleges from Using Federal Student Aid for Marketing by Emma Roller



Dispelling Some Myths on Proprietary Institutions

This is a good article discussing four of the main “complaints” I hear on proprietary schools.

Read More: Dispelling Some Myths About Proprietary Education by Greg Witkowski

Yes, University of Phoenix is Disruptive; No, That Doesn’t Make It the End-All

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a great article on online schools and how they look to be transforming education through digital learning.

Read more: Yes, University of Phoenix is disruptive; No, That Doesn’t Make It the End-All By Michael Horn

Department of Defense Affect Change in Military Tuition Assistance

The Department of Defense has altered their original statement on schools accepting miliary students but are still targeting for-profits in regard tot he 90/10 Rule.

Read more: Pentagon Alters Tuition Assistance by Libby Nelson (Inside Higher Ed)

Ex-Soldier Finds A New Mission

This is a truly inspirational story about an ex-army soldier that found a new mission in life after a tragic accident in Iraq. His story resonates the powerful determination of a young man who refused to let his accident define him.

Read More: An Ex-Soldier Finds a New Mission by Libby Sander (The Chronicle)