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Congress Urging Dept. Of Ed to Reconsider

A bipartisan group of Congress is asking the US Department of Ed to reconsider revisit rule-making on Gainful Employment and State Authorization and focus on the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act.

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Gainful Employment & State Authorization Revisited

As predicted, US DOE will be revisiting their request for Gainful Employment regulations and State Authorization in Distance Education.

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Trying Again on Gainful Employment by By Libby Nelson

Simplifying Distance Education Regulations?

The Commission on the Regulation of Postsecondary Distance Education claims to seek a simpler solution of state regulation on distance education institutions offering education on a national scale.

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Feds and State Authorization

New rules from the US Department of Education require all schools to comply with their homes state’s registration requirements to operate and receive Title IV funds. Several schools could be ineligible to receiving those funds if they do not comply with state’s rules by July 1st, 2013.


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Creativity and College

With changes happening in colleges everyday, a refreshing trend is finding its way into the curriculums of many colleges…learning to be creative and applying to life’s many challenges.


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