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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Delivers on Promise of Year Round Pell and Increased Flexibility for Students

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10 Ways to Avoid Students Defaulting on Payment Plans

This is a good article of ideas to help schools and thus students to keep from defaulting on their loans. I believe most schools do most of these, a helpful reminder never hurt.


10 Ways to Avoid Students Defaulting on Payment Plans By Sean Steinmarc, TFC Tuition Financing – Career Education Review

Important Changes to the GE Disclosure Template


While the US Dept of Ed has announced a revisit to the Gainful Employment Rule and a delay on the new Borrower Defense rule, both are still currently in force. Schools must still comply with all of the regulations as they pertain to them.

Presently, schools who have programs that have not met GE standards are required to have disclosures available to students since February 2017. An article published by the DeLuca Law Firm does a good job on explaining the new disclosure template and the deadlines on the Career Education Review website.

For more details, you can read the article Career Education Review – 2017 Changes to GE Disclosure article.