Gainful Employment Moves Closer to Implementation

Gainful Employment rule from the US DOE has survived the latest attempt to be block from going into effect. The latest lawsuit from APSCU was declined yesterday. Congress is attempting to pass legislation to stop the funding, if nothing happens, on July 1, this will go into effect.

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Judge Rejects Second ‘Gainful’ Challenge – Inside Higher Ed

Gainful-Employment Rule Survives For-Profit Group’s Court Challenge – Chronicle of Higher Education

Career College Reboot?

Is it possible for an inexperienced company like ECMC to come into the proprietary sector and change the perception just because it is the right thing to do? I sincerely hope so.

Zenith Corporation, a subsidiary of ECMC, has purchased many of the Everest College and WyoTech brands from the now defunct CCI. I truly hope the words of this CEO are not just words and that he holds up to his word.

Read the full article: Rebooting Career College by Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Education

HEA Recommendations

Russ Poulin has some great information and a request from the industry to help in getting the proper information to Congress. As experts in the field of education, we should be making our voices heard.

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Four Recommendations for the Higher Education Act Reauthorization by Russ Poulin

For-Profits in Florida in the News

The Miami Herald is publishing a host of stories on the Proprietary industry in the State of Florida and the state’s regulatory agency. For the most part, these articles paint a not-so-flattering portrait of the industry in the State of Florida.

Miami Herald Articles: Click Here



A Vets View on his For-Profit Education

First, my apologies for having such a long pause in this blog. The industry got overwhelming there for  few months.

The proprietary industry has had to manage many hills and  mountains for the years, but lately it has been tough for many to keep their heads above the waterline. With enrollments down for many schools (proprietary, publics, privates and non-pro-fits alike), it is nice hear a story on the positive side of the argument.

This article  was published this March in The Stanford Daly as a Letter to the Editor on his experience with DeVry University. He highlights just some of the benefits he found through the school and assistance from the staff on his education and job search. I hope to see more letters like this make main stream media.

Veteran attending DeVry Offers Insight about Higher Education

Can the US Dept. Of Ed prevent another Corinthian type problem?

Everyone is wondering if the US department of Ed can prevent another set of problems like are occurring with Corinthian Colleges, Inc. While all of this is subjective, many in Congress wonder if the US DOE is doing enough monitoring the financial stability of the for-profit sector. There are lots of theories and suggestions, but no real answers these questions.

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Preventing Another Corinthian by Michael Stratford and Paul Fain Inside Higher Ed

And the Battle Begins…..

The battle over Gainful Employment begins… All comments on Gainful Employment will end today. With that, APSCU has begun they battle over the usefulness of the rule with a report stating the proposal as “flawed, arbitrary, and biased”. This looks to begin a legal challenge in the making.

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For-Profit Colleges Decry Gainful-Employment Rule as ‘Arbitrary and Biased’ – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Charles River Report

Nowhere to Go by Paul Fain on Inside Higher Ed


No Consensus for the US DOE on Key Issues

Negotiations for Rule-Making by the US Department of Education have ended without a consensus on two key issues: Debit Cards for students and State Authorization. Without a consensus, the Department of Education can now proceed with language they deem appropriate on these issues. The issue of state authorization for distance education programs has long been a contention for higher education. The debate will most likely end up debated in the court system before it is official.

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Federal Panel Fails to Reach a consensus by Michal Stratford @Inside Higher Ed

Rule-Making Panel Fails to Find Consensus on 2 Key Issues – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Newest Names Jump on the Gainful Employment Train

Democratic Senators Brian Schatz of Hawaii & Chris Murphy of Connecticut have joined forces on the front lines in a very vocal Congressional fight in the Gainful Employment arena. These Senators are calling for stronger rules on for-profits. Mr. Murphy went so far as to call out Corinthian Colleges as the “worst of the worst” example of a predatory for-profit company.

The revised rules are open for comment through May 27, 2014. Along with the student advocacy group the Young Invincibles, Senator Harkin held a media event at the U.S. Capitol building. Two students from the Young Invincibles discussed their experiences at proprietary institutions on their overall debt and the institutions’ financial practices.

Steve Gunderson of APSCU, the main trade group for the proprietary industry, stated they were working with many Congressional Democrats and the White House for a more fair solution to make sure colleges are accountable. The impact these revised gainful employment rules will have on students is a long way from being determined.

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Senators Call for a Tougher ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Alert: The US DOE is pushing forward with Rulemaking!

The US Department of Education is once again pushing their agenda on Rulemaking. In this round of stipulations, DOE is once again pushing for all distance education institutions to have to be registered in each state for which their students reside. Under these new rules, States are not allowed to exempted institutions based on most established criteria. While the specifics have not yet been creeded and the panel is still talking, this will be another attempt to establish the similar rules attached to Title IV funding.

Read more: Panel Is Split on Distance-Education Rule – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education


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