Monthly Archives: September 2013

‘Gainful Employment’ Talks Begin

Negotiations continued on Wednesday over proposals to create a new federal approval process for career-oriented higher-education programs, two weeks after the committee that’s crafting new “gainful employment” regulations met for the first time.

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Higher Education in 2020

What will higher education look like in the year 2020? Will MOOC’s become the norm or will blended learning be the future of technology in education? Here is one individual’s opinion.

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A New Twist on Performance Based Funding

In  Texas, technical colleges will face a new appropriations model for rewarding or punishing schools based on the performance of their graduates and the amount of money the graduates make.


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Department of Education Releases First Draft for RuleMaking

The US Department of Education has released their first draft for new Gainful Employment rule making. Three days of formal negotiating will begin on September 9th, 2013 to discuss the proposed rule that could affect more than 11,000 programs at for-profit and non-profit institutions.

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