Monthly Archives: June 2013

Rare Collaboration

A collaboration between two researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Madison are collaborating with DeVry University to discover patterns in student aid borrowing.

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Apollo Group Adds a Heavy Hitter to the Ranks

Apollo Group, parent company to University of Phoenix, has added Jane Oates, former Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training from the US Department of Labor, to their staff. Ms. Oates is the new Vice President of External Affairs focusing on workforce development.

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Congress Criticism of Accreditors

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce’s subcommittee on higher education and workforce training held a panel discusssion with two representatives of accrediting agencies and two critics of traditional accreditation.

Read more: No Love for Accreitation by Libby Nelson of Inside Higher Ed

Webcast: Hearing on Voluntary Military Education Programs

The Appropriations Subcommittee held a hearing on Military Education Programs in regard to for-profit colleges. The webcast provides a great deal of information, while it is a bit lengthy, it provides some very useful information to all colleges on how Congress is looking at GI Funds for education.

View the Webcast: US Senate Committee on Appropriations on Military Education Programs

Hearings on Gainful Employment Begin.

US DOE is seeking out individuals to participate in hearings on gainful employment. They are “seeking “key stakeholders” on the issue, including students, consumer-advocacy groups, and university leaders, to serve on the rule-making committee.”

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