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Trending in the News

Hello Everyone. My apologies for not posting any useful information these last couple of months. Seems time tends to get by me lately. So I’m going to include a collection of information here. These last couple of months, Gainful Employment has taken affect and caused many schools to consider changing from a for-profit to a non-profit status. This is understandable but is not as easy as thought to be. However, with the US DOE changing leadership with the retirement of Arne Duncan, I don’t see much changing during the Obama Administration. The Democrats are  convinced the proprietary sector is a predatory sector and that  it has nothing but “bad actors” just trying to make a quick buck. While I will concede there are some “bad actors”, most institutions really want to help their students make a better life for themselves. I’m sure if the leadership changes in 2016, we will see a host of new changes. But for now, we must deal to the existing requirements.

If you are a Title IV school, you must begin the process (if you have not already begun) the process of imputing your data into the Department of Ed’s database to meet your GE responsibilities. If you haven’t begun, you should start this right away, as the deadline is coming due very soon. For more information, go to

Also in the news is the continued attack on the sector. While I do not know if all of it is warranted on ITT, it will have to be monitored for future insight into the issue. If you have missed the news, ITT has faced multiple suits from many different states and regulatory agencies of this past year or so. This week, they got another blow with tightening restrictions. More information, read here: Insider Higher Ed and The Chronicle. The Obama Administration is even taking a shot at the accreditors now: Upping the Pressure on Accreditors.

So as the pressure on the industry increases, schools continue to educate the populace and wade through the sea of regulations and rules. In December 2015, Ted Mitchell will take over the US Department of Education, but do not look for any changes. If anything, the industry will likely see more regulations before President Obama’s Administration leaves office. Read more on Arne Duncan’s departure: What Duncan Wishes He’d Done Differently — and What’s Next for the Education Dept.