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Gainful Employment for Non-Profit?

During the State of the Union Address, President Obama, discussed higher education and the possibility of losing Federal Funds linked to tuition costs. On Friday in a speech to the University of Michigan, he elaborated on his plan.

Here is a link to the article: Gainful for Non-Profits by Libby Nelson


Unintended Consequences?

In President Obama’s speech Tuesdday, he said that school’s who raise tuition rates could possibly lose their ability to accept federal aid. But have all of the consequences been thought of?

Warnings of Unintended Consequences by Libby Nelson

State of CA Restricts Grant Funds to For-Profits

The Governor of CA has begun restricting a grant to proprietary schools. Little by little,  proprietary is taking a hit on access to funds for students. Here is the article:

California Governor Goes After For-Profits with Limits on Cal Grants by Eric Kelderman

Senator Targets For-Profit Colleges

Senator Durbin and Senator Harkin are proposing a bill that will change the 90/10 Rule for For-Profit Schools.

Senator Targets For-Profit’s Reliance on Federal Moneyand Aggressive Recruiting of Veterans By Goldie Blumenstyk

APSCU Names a new Director

The Association of Private and Scetor Colleges has named a new director, former Wisconsin Congressman Steve, Gunderson.

Kinder, Gentler Approach? By Paul Fain

Possible Changes the 90/10 Rule

A report from Height Analytics, LLC has rumors around that the Obama Adminstration might change the 90/10 Rule back to 85/15. Here is the article:

For-Profits Shares Drop on Rurmored Student Aid Mandate Changes

Online Schools and Retention

Everyone is concerned with retention in Proprietary Education. Those in the online environment struggle more on retention than traditional on-ground schools. Here is a good article on assessing online retention:

Comprehensive Assessment of Student Retention in Online Environments by Boston, W.E.,  Ice, P. & Gibson, A.M.

What Employers are Looking For in an Employee

Here is a really good article discussing the traits and skills employers are looking for in today’s market place.

Wanted: Better Employees by Jeff Selingo

Customized Textbooks

For many schools, the price and challenge of textbooks, takes a toll on students and faculty. While customize books have been around for a while, many faculty do not take advantage of this. This ia an article that discusses many of the pros and cons to using this service.

New Digital Tools Allow Professors Tailor Their Own Textbooks for Less than $20 by Alex Campbell

E-Textbooks Saved Many Students Only $1

I know many schools are looking for ways to cut expenses for studnets. This articles disucss some issues in regard to implmenting e-books for many students.

E-Textbooks Saved Many Students Only $1 by Nick DeSantis