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For-Profit sets Tuition at $199 amonth

New Charter University is “side-stepping” around the need for financial aid to attend college. The school has created a set of courses so inexpensive in the hopes of drawing in students.

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Career College Students Fight Against Cancer

A group of career college students from the Cincinnati Campus of Antonelli College turned a school project into an event to Fight Against Cancer.

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Strategic Leaders

I read an article today on being a strategic thinker. When you look back on those that work under you, are you working with or against the flow?

Read more: Six Habits of True Strategic Thinkers by Paul J.H. Schoemaker


State AGs Taking a Look at For-Profits

State attorneys general are taking a strong stance and review of for-profits in their home states. More regulations coming at the state level? …

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Congress Revisiting Pell Grant Requirements

On Tuesday, Congressmen in the House, once again, went after the eligibility requirements for Pell Grants asking for strict qualifications.

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Completion Website

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a website with of college completion statistics. The site shows some interesting trends but lacks many schools enrollments in the calculations.

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Military and College Education

Stars & Stripes has a well-written article on military families deserving the right to choose the college they wish to attend whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

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Positive Media on a For-Profit

Rasmuessen College started in 1900 in St. Paul, MN. This college educates around 15,000 students and has built a reputation as the “local” college. Flying under the radar of all the negative press on for-profits these days.

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For-Profits to Can Fill the Skills Gap

Newly appointed APSCU president Steve Gunderson discusses how private-sector schools can help fill the skills gap in American Workers.

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Online Classes and College Completion

This article discusses the options many schools are moving to offering more courses via online. The author discusses his concerns on the completion of online verses face-to-face. While he talks mostly about community colleges, his topics on the type of students in community colleges is the same type of student attending proprietary.

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