Monthly Archives: September 2012

Three Schools Lose Title VI Eligibility

Three for-profits have not met the 90/10 requirement set by the 90/10 Rule for two reporting years. Thus, these schools have lost their eligibility to provide access to Title VI funds for their students. With the growth of the proprietary industry, more schools are finding challenges in meeting these standards.

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A New Twist on Cheating in Online Classes

Seems that whenever new technology is launched, someone finds a way to make a buck on it. Sites are popping up on the web that offer to take the online classes for students. While this may not be illegal, is can certainly be considered immoral and cheating can get students kicked out of school.

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UPDATE: With all of the media attention to the site “We Take Your Class”, the owner has shut down that site as non-productive.

Using Digital Media to Keep In-touch with Students

Schools everywhere are trying to keep in-touch with a generation of mobile students. This a great article on ways to do just that.

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Politics and For-Profits

As the fight for the White House takes front place, the topic of higher education is making the top list of debate with the Democrats and Republicans. Seems everyone has an opinion, and while different in their approaches to the problem, no one has a definite answer.

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