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Gainful Employment…Yes, AGAIN…..

On Thursday, the US Department of Education sent out their latest version on “Gainful Employment” rulemaking. Here is a collective list of articles that have been published from The Chronicle on Higher Education and Inside Higher Education websites as to their opinions on this newest rulemaking session.

Revised ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule Breaks Little New Ground – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Reactions to the Education Dept

Gainful Employment_ What’s New_ What’s Missing_ And to Whom Does That Matter_ – Administration – The Chronicle of Higher Education

5 Things to Know About the Proposed Gainful-Employment Rule – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Gainful Employment’s Partial Unveiling by Paul Fain Inside Higher Education

Proposal Sets Stage for Gainful Fight By Michael Stratford Inside Higher Education


Will Reciprocity work?

The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (AKA. SARA) is gearing up to begin accepting members, but will the states join the party? Many states are sitting back waiting to see what happens with a national state authorization agreement. Overseen by the regional compacts, SARA is the newest work in progress to help distance education institutions obtain authorization to operate across state lines.

Read more:  Will States Reciprocate? by Carl Straumsheim Inside Higher Education

Resources to Encourage and Support First Gen College Students

With a grant from the Walmart Foundation, 50 colleges participated in a program to find the best practices for retention and completion of college for first generation students. A list of the 10 Best Practices along with an accompanying website, can be used by any institution to help in working with their first gen college students.

Read the article: New Resources Encourage First-Generation Students – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Read the Best Practices List: 10 ‘Best Practices’ for Serving First-Generation Students – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Website : Council on Independent Colleges

A New Twist on Performance Based Funding

In  Texas, technical colleges will face a new appropriations model for rewarding or punishing schools based on the performance of their graduates and the amount of money the graduates make.


Read More: Texas’ Technical Colleges Are Banking on Student Earnings By Eric Kelderman @ the Chronicle of Higher Education

Ideas for Consideration for HEA Reauthorization

Congress will begin looking at the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act. This article gives a summary of some of the ideas being presented.

Read More:  Previewing the Higher Ed Act by  Doug Lederman Inside Higher Ed

For-Profits Adding Discounts

Strayer University, like many other for-profit institutions, are adding value to the student body in trying to maintain retention of it’s student body by working on costs and help them make the best choices.

Read More: Strayer U.’s Discounts Reflect Shifts in For-Profit-College Sector By Goldie Blumenstyk

A For-Profit Making It’s Mark On Ground

Grand Canyon University, while classified as a for-profit school, is making a name for themselves as a more traditional college with athletics and scholarships for students lowering the cost of college to a price lower than a traditional non-profit.


Read More:Grand Canyon’s Ground Game by Paul Fain

A New Twist on Cheating in Online Classes

Seems that whenever new technology is launched, someone finds a way to make a buck on it. Sites are popping up on the web that offer to take the online classes for students. While this may not be illegal, is can certainly be considered immoral and cheating can get students kicked out of school.

Read More: Paying for an A by Alexandra Tilsley


UPDATE: With all of the media attention to the site “We Take Your Class”, the owner has shut down that site as non-productive.

Retention Software

Retention is proprietary education is always been a hard issue to work with. Many college’s struggle on a daily basis with retaining students. Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania with use of SAS Enterprise Intelligence Suite for Education, is learning how to better recruit, retain and graduate these students.

Read More: 

Online Schools and Retention

Everyone is concerned with retention in Proprietary Education. Those in the online environment struggle more on retention than traditional on-ground schools. Here is a good article on assessing online retention:

Comprehensive Assessment of Student Retention in Online Environments by Boston, W.E.,  Ice, P. & Gibson, A.M.