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Can the US Dept. Of Ed prevent another Corinthian type problem?

Everyone is wondering if the US department of Ed can prevent another set of problems like are occurring with Corinthian Colleges, Inc. While all of this is subjective, many in Congress wonder if the US DOE is doing enough monitoring the financial stability of the for-profit sector. There are lots of theories and suggestions, but no real answers these questions.

Read More on the ideas being presented:

Preventing Another Corinthian by Michael Stratford and Paul Fain Inside Higher Ed


Gainful Employment…Yes, AGAIN…..

On Thursday, the US Department of Education sent out their latest version on “Gainful Employment” rulemaking. Here is a collective list of articles that have been published from The Chronicle on Higher Education and Inside Higher Education websites as to their opinions on this newest rulemaking session.

Revised ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule Breaks Little New Ground – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Reactions to the Education Dept

Gainful Employment_ What’s New_ What’s Missing_ And to Whom Does That Matter_ – Administration – The Chronicle of Higher Education

5 Things to Know About the Proposed Gainful-Employment Rule – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Gainful Employment’s Partial Unveiling by Paul Fain Inside Higher Education

Proposal Sets Stage for Gainful Fight By Michael Stratford Inside Higher Education

Gainful Employment – Round 2

The next round of ruling making has put out a second draft which is not pleasing either side of the issue. While more and more, the Department of Education dives into the topic of data, data, data, both sides are complaining that demands are to be made without thought on the impact these rules will have on all parties involved.

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Read More:  Latest Gainful-Employment Proposal Pleases No One – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Student Loan Default Rates

US Department of Education reports a slight climb in student loan default rates. With new changes coming to the calculation of these rates and Title IV eligibility on the line, this could be a problem for institutions.

Read More:  Student-Loan Default Rates Continue Steady Climb By Andy Thomason Chronicle of Higher Education


104 Institutions Show Consecutive High Default Rates According to a Calculation by the Chronicle of Higher Education Click here to see the list.

‘Gainful Employment’ Talks Begin

Negotiations continued on Wednesday over proposals to create a new federal approval process for career-oriented higher-education programs, two weeks after the committee that’s crafting new “gainful employment” regulations met for the first time.

Read More: ‘Gainful Employment’ Talks Focus on Vetting New Programs By Kelly Field with The Chronicle of Higher Education

Department of Education Releases First Draft for RuleMaking

The US Department of Education has released their first draft for new Gainful Employment rule making. Three days of formal negotiating will begin on September 9th, 2013 to discuss the proposed rule that could affect more than 11,000 programs at for-profit and non-profit institutions.

Read More: Education Dept. Releases Draft Language for New Gainful-Employment Rule By Goldie Blumenstyk of the Chronicle of Higher Education

Gainful Employment Rule-Making Panel Named

The US DOE has released the names of 15 negotiators and their 14 alternates that will be in charge of the next round of rule-making on gainful employment.

Read More: Negotiators Are Named for Gainful-Employment Rule-Making Panel By Kelly Field (Higher Education Chronicle)

More Discussion by Sub-Committee on Veterans

This time the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee accused for-profits of aggressively recruiting veterans in an attempt to obtain federal funds not counted in the “90/10” rule.

Read More: Senators Renew Scrutiny of For-Profit Colleges’ Recruitment of Veterans By Kelly Field

Webcast: Hearing on Voluntary Military Education Programs

The Appropriations Subcommittee held a hearing on Military Education Programs in regard to for-profit colleges. The webcast provides a great deal of information, while it is a bit lengthy, it provides some very useful information to all colleges on how Congress is looking at GI Funds for education.

View the Webcast: US Senate Committee on Appropriations on Military Education Programs

Hearings on Gainful Employment Begin.

US DOE is seeking out individuals to participate in hearings on gainful employment. They are “seeking “key stakeholders” on the issue, including students, consumer-advocacy groups, and university leaders, to serve on the rule-making committee.”

Read more: Education Department Seeks Members for Panel on Gainful Employment by Cory Weinberg